About Us


We are a streetwear apparel line established in 2003 based out of Northern California that brings you stylish and unique apparel. With our humble beginning in the car show scene we quickly grew due to popuarity into motorsports and actionsports. Our line is based on the philosophy that life is best when you “Liv Neked”. This means when it comes to doing what you love, you are carefree and motivated with no inhibitions. Whether it’s creating a tricked out ride, a motorsports enthusiast, or being involved in action sports such as motocross, skate, bmx, stunt bikes, and everything in between. If you like what we are about please support us by picking up some hot styles for yourself or someone you know, it makes a perfect gift.

Watch out for immitators and wannabees as we are the original one and only. Federal Trademark Registration # 3398321

LN – Liv Neked :
a Tricked Out Ent. brand

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